Saturday, November 9, 2013

Journey Into Amazing - episodes 1 to 5!

I have been doing a pretty terrible job of promoting it here, but the first five issues of the podcast I started with a friend of mine, Journey Into Amazing, are all available now for your listening pleasure.

There are many ways to listen:

  1. Using the player above
  2. On our official Tumblr page
  3. On our official Face page
  4. On iTunes
The podcast follows the adventures of two guys reading their way through all 700 issues of Amazing Spider-Man. In the first five episodes, we cover almost the full run of Steve Ditko, bringing us up to issue #34. Both of us were fairly new to Ditko's art and if nothing else this experience has turned us both into huge fans. I think if you listen (and especially if you read along) you will also be convinced!

Each episode also features some reviews of current comics in the second act of the show. You can skip that part if you want.

If you listen, we'd love to hear from you, so please leave comments here or on any of our other platforms listed above. Reviews on iTunes would be particularly appreciated, as it really helps us find an audience.

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