Rating scale

UPDATE: I don't really use a rating system anymore. But I'll leave this here for archival purposes.


Here's my very nebulous rating system. It's like a five-star rating scale, except that I use words instead of numbers, and sometimes I cheat or make up categories not covered here or add qualifiers or otherwise make things more confusing.

Amazing = A near-perfect comic, featuring exceptionally good art and storytelling. Highly recommended.

Good = Above average and enjoyable comic. If the majority of comics fell in this category, I'd be happy.

Okay = Flawed, but good enough for me to keep reading. Not reaching its full potential. Recommended to those who already have an interest in the character or series or creators involved, but not something I'd suggest to a new reader.

Skip / Drop = Not necessarily terrible, but with enough problems for me to stop buying it. Maybe something about it really annoyed me, or I'm just not that interested in where it's going, or it's just not very good. I recommend spending your money elsewhere.

Awful = Inept, with little to no redeeming qualities. Something I truly regret buying.

Also, please note that I deviate from this "system" all the time.

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