Sunday, May 23, 2010

60 good comics from the last decade

This dates back to February, but it's worth checking out. Ed Howard made a list of what he considers the 60 best comics of the past decade. These types of lists are generally useless if you think of them as absolutes, but this one serves as a very useful list of recommendations. The list leans heavily toward the non-super-hero genre, but the selections cover a wide variety of genres and types of comics, ranging from self-published to indie to "big two". It also doesn't ignore manga.

I've only read a handful of books from the list, but the ones I have read are among my favourites (especially Pluto and Skyscrapers of the Midwest).

Of the titles I didn't read, I was familiar with about half of them, while the other half are completely new to me. I've just added at least a dozen new books on my to-read list.

Check it out here (60-41), here (40-21) and here (20-1).


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