Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Apple censorship updates

A couple of noteworthy developments following the widely reported cases of Apple censoring comics on the iPad/iPhone, which I mentioned earlier this month.

First, it seems that the accusations of Steve Jobs calling Pullizer Prize-winner Mike Fiore a liar were based on a partial transcript of the interview. Now a full transcript is available, and it's clear that he wasn't referring to him at all when he talked about people lying to the press.

Second, it seems that Apple has reversed its decision to censor the much-publicized adaptations of Oscar Wild and James Joyce's works. They say they "made a mistake" and are allowing the creators to resubmit their apps uncensored. Good news for them, of course, though I have to wonder if Apple would consider these "mistakes" had it not been for all the bad press they got as a result of the rejections.


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