Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is It Wednesday Yet?

I'm a terribly lazy blogger these days. 

Here's what's on my pull list this week. I've conveniently arranged it in decreasing order of enthusiasm:

  • Action Comics #900 (DC)
  • Detective Comics #876 (DC)
  • Xombi #2 (DC)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #659 (Marvel)
  • American Vampire #14 (Vertigo)
  • Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #2 (IDW)
  • FF #2 (Marvel)
  • Flash #11 (DC)
  • Batman Incorporated #5 (DC)
That Action Comics is at the top of this list is no surprise, since I've been looking forward to this anniversary issue for months. Not only is it a special oversized issue loaded with goodies, but it also contains the conclusion of Paul Cornell's excellent Lex Luthor story AND the return of Superman!!

Detective Comics is on a roll, so I'm really excited about that as well. Jock returns to art this month.

The first issue of Xombi was a big surprise hit for me, so that's another title I've been looking forward to. Read this interview with Rozum.

Note that Batman Inc sank to the bottom of my list. I'm SO CLOSE to dropping that one. 


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