Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fear Itself vs. Flashpoint August solicitations

When DC announced that they were releasing a gazillion mini-series spinning out of Flashpoint, the entire comics blogsphere gasped and felt an overwhelming sense of event fatigue all of a sudden. But a closer look at the numbers shows that Fear Itself is way bigger event than Flashpoint. If someone wanted to get every tie-in issue for both series, here's what their pull list would look like in August.


fear itself
fear itsef: fearsome four
fear itself: wolverine
avengers (fear itself tie-in)
journey into mystery (fear itself tie-in)
invincible iron man (fear itself tie-in)
alpha flight (fear itself tie-in)
fear itself: the deep
fear itself: youth in revolt
fear itself: the home front
fear itself: poster book
ghost rider (fear itself tie-in)
avengers academy (two issues) fear itself tie-in)
new avengers (fear itself tie-in)
herc (fear itself tie-in)
black panther: man without fear (fear itself tie-in)
hulk (fear itself tie-in)
heroes for hire (fear itself tie-in)
thunderbolts (two issues) (fear itself tie-in)
fear itself: fellowship of fear
uncanny x-men (fear itself tie-in)
fear itself: deadpool
fear itself: uncanny x-force
new mutans (two issues) (fear itself tie-in)

Total: 27 issues


flashpoint (two issues)
booster gold (flashpoint tie-in)
flashpoint: batmaan - knight of vengeance
flashpoint: secret seven
flashpoint: abin sur - the green lantern
flashpoint: world of flashpoint
flashpoint: emperor aquaman
flashpoint: deathstroke and the curse of the ravager
flashpoint: frankenstein and the creatures of the unknown
flashpoint: citizen cold
flashpoint: wonder woman and the furies
flashpoint: deadman and the flying graysons
flashpoint: legion of doom
flashpoint: lois lane and the resistance
flashpoint: the outsider
flashpoint: kid flash lost
flashpoint: project superman
flashpoint: hal jordan

Total: 19 issues

It's also worth pointing out that Flashpoint ends in August, whereas Fear Itself will be just over the halfway mark.


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