Thursday, June 2, 2011

DC's 52 new books - full list now available

I'm just going to keep updating this list as information gets confirmed by DC's The Source. I'm doing this for my own convenience more than anything else. I want to have a place listing all confirmed titles with creative teams.

I'm numbering them in the order that they are announced.

I'm not including rumours. Only confirmed announcements.

1. Justice League: Geoff Johns (w) + Jim Lee (a)
2. Wonder Woman: Brian Azzarello (w) + Cliff Chiang (a)
3. Aquaman: Geoff Johns (w) + Ivan Reis (a) + Joe Prado (a)
4. Flash: Francis Manapul (w/a) + Brian Buccellato (w/a)
5. Fury of Firestorm: Ethan Van Sciver (w) + Gail Simone (w) + Yildiray Cinar (a)
6. The Savage Hawkman: Tony Daniel (w) + Philip Tan (a)
7. Green Arrow: J.T. Krul (w) + Dan Jurgens (a)
8. Justice League International: Dan Jurgens (w) + Aron Lopresti (a)
9. Mister Terrific: Eric Wallace (w) + Roger Robinson (a)
10. Captain Atom: J.T. Krul (w) + Freddie Williams II (a)
11. DC Universe Presents: first story featuring Deadman, by Paul Jenkins (w) + Bernard Chang (a)
12. Green Lantern: Geoff Johns (w) + Doug Mahnke (a) + Christian Alamy (a)
13. Green Lantern Corps: Peter Tomasi (w) + Fernando Pasarin (a) + Scott Hanna (a)
14. Green Lantern: The New Guardians: Tony Bedard (w) + Tyler Kirkham (a) + Batt (a)
15. Red Lanterns: Peter Milligan (w) + Ed Benes (a) + Rob Hunter (a)
16. Batman: Scott Snyder (w) + Greg Capullo (a)
17. Detective Comics: Tony Daniel (w/a)
18. Batman and Robin: Peter Tomasi (w) + Patrick Gleason (a)
19. Batman: The Dark Knight: David Finch (w/a)
20. Batwoman: J.H. Williams III (w/a) + Haden Blackman (w) + Amy Reeder (a)
21. Batgirl: Gail Simone (w) + Ardian Syaf (a) + Vincente Cifuentes (a)
22. Catwoman: Judd Winnick (w) + Guillem March (a)
23. Birds of Prey: Duane Swierczynski (w) + Jesus Saiz (a)
24. Nightwing: Kyle Higgins (w) + Eddy Barrows (a)
25. Red Hood and the Outlaws: Scott Lobdell (w) + Kenneth Rocafort (a)
26. Batwing: Judd Winnick (w) + Ben Oliver (a)
27. Swamp Thing: Scott Snyder (w) + Yanick Paquette (a) + Franco Francavilla (fill-in artist)
28. Animal Man: Jeff Lemire (w) + Travel Foreman + Dan Green (a)
29. Justice League Dark: Peter Milligan (w) + Mikel Janin (a)
30. Demon Knights: Paul Cornell (w) + Diogenes Neves (a) + Oclair Albert (a)
31. Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE: Jeff Lemire (w) + Alberto Ponticelli (a)
32. Resurrection Man: Dan Abnett (w) + Andy Lanning (w) + Fernando Dagnino (a)
33. I, Vampire: Josh Fialkov (w) + Andrea Sorrentino (a)
34. Voodoo: Ron Marz (w) + Sami Basri (a)
35. Legion Lost: Fabian Nicieza (w) + Pete Woods (a)
36. Legion of Superheroes: Paul Levitz (w) + Francis Portela (a)
37. Teen Titans: Scott Lobdell (w) + Brett Booth (a) + Norm Rapmund (a)
38. Static Shock: John Rozum (w) + Scott McDaniel (w/a) + Jonathan Glapion (a)
39. Hawk and Dove: Sterling Gates (w) + Rob Liefeld (a)
40. Stormwatch: Paul Cornell (w) + Miguel Sepulveda (a)
41. Blackhawks: Mike Costa (w) + Ken Lashley (a)
42. Sgt. Rock and the Men of War: Ivan Brandon (w) + Tom Derenick (a)
43. All-Star Western: Justin Gray (w) + Jimmy Palmiotti (w) + Moritat (a)
44. Deathstroke: Kyle Higgins (w) + Joe Bennett (a) + Art Thibert (a)
45. Grifter: Nathan Edmonson (w) + CAFU (a) + BIT (a)
46. OMAC: Dan DiDio (w) + Keith Giffen (w/a) + Scott Koblish (w/a)
47. Suicide Squad: Adam Glass (w) + Marco Rudy (a)
48. Blue Beetle: Tony Bedard (w) + Ig Guara (a)
49. Action Comics: Grant Morrison (w) + Rags Morales (a)
50. Superman: George Perez (w) + Jesus Merino (a)
51. Supergirl: Michael Green (w) + Mike Johnson (w) + Mahmud Asrar (a)
52. Superboy: Scott Lobdell (w) + R.B. Silva (a) + Rob Lean (a)

+ Batman Incorporated: relaunching in 2012, by Grant Morrison (w) and Chris Burnham (a)


ryan June 2, 2011 at 1:59 PM  

Cool! Thanks for keeping track.

Gary June 10, 2011 at 10:43 AM  

This has been invaluable - thanks a lot.

Yan Basque June 10, 2011 at 12:16 PM  

You're welcome.

Catman Scratches June 14, 2011 at 1:19 PM  
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Catman Scratches June 14, 2011 at 1:20 PM  

Wow--thanks for finding and posting! I've been wondering...

Frankenstein? Resurrection Man? I, Vampire? Voodoo? Blackhawks? Sgt. Rock? All-Star Western? Batwing? All canceled within a year. Resurrection Man by title alone.

Anonymous September 28, 2011 at 9:47 PM  

oii i am genuinly dissappointed in DC for this whole new 52 junk.

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