Thursday, October 28, 2010

Read in September 2010

Here's the list of everything I read last month:

Avengers: Children’s Crusade #1-2
5 Days to Die #1
One Month to Live #1-4
Sweet Tooth #13
Brightest Day #0-9
Walking Dead #1-30
Batman #703
Batman and Robin #14
Daytripper #10
Invaders Now! #1
Red Robin #16
Animal Man #27-29 (Peter Milligan run)
Birds of Prey #5
Morning Glories #2
X-Force #116
Justice League: Generation Lost #1
Thor #615
Legion of Super-Heroes #5
Flash #5
Thunderbolts #147
Avengers Academy #4
Secret Avengers #5
Casanova #1-2
Godland #1
Bulletproof Coffin #4

In no particular order, these were my favourite:

1. Sweet Tooth #13 (Vertigo) Jeff Lemire writes and draws this series, and every issue is a miniature masterpiece. A new arc begins with issue #13, setting into motion a series of events that are likely to lead to some pretty crazy action in the coming months. Sweet Tooth just keeps getting better and better. 

2. Daytripper #10 (Vertigo) Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba’s mini-series about the life and death(s) of a Brazilian writer concludes with a quiet issue that almost seems like an understatement, but ties everything together beautifully. This was a wonderful series and I’m sad to see it come to an end. It will surely get collected in trade paperback in the near future, so keep an eye out for it.

3. Thor #615 (Marvel) A new creative team starts a new story with this issue, and things are off to a great start. Matt Fraction sets things up for what is sure to be an epic cosmic adventure, perfectly suited to Pasqual Ferry’s otherworldly artwork. This is definitely a title that should be on your pull list right now.

4. Bulletproof Coffin #4 (Image) Thing are definitely starting to fall into place in this totally weird mini-series written by David Hine and drawn by Shaky Kane. Hine and Kan have cast themselves as the mysterious creators of lost Golden Age comics, and metatextual shenanigans abound as our hero slips in and out of the reality of the comic books he’s reading. The story is clever and the eye-popping art and vibrant colours give this book a unique look. Two more issues to go.

5. Action Comics #893 (DC) And last, but certainly not least, the issue that feature Gorilla Grodd coming after Lex Luthor with a giant spoon! Writer Paul Cornell doesn’t hold back, allowing his story to get as gloriously bizarre and entertaining as all super-hero comic books should be.

And my least favourite comic of the month:

Invaders Now #1 (Marvel) This mini-series started off on the wrong foot, with bad dialogue from Christos Gage, way too much setting up and not enough moving the plot forward. The art was also underwhelming, and despite a mildly interesting premise (orchestrated by Alex Ross), I wasn’t interested enough to buy the next issue. This one was a big fail for me.


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