Saturday, March 26, 2011

One-paragraph reviews: Wolverine and Jubilee #3 and Silver Surfer #2

Wolverine and Jubilee #3 (Marvel) 
"Cursed part 3 of 4"
Written by Kathryn Immonen; art by Phil Noto.

Wow. This book really got weird and trippy all of a sudden. Immonen's great dialogue and sense of humour is still there, and so is Noto's swoon-inducing beautiful art. But now the plot, in addition to being about Wolverine and Jubilee trying to deal with her being a vampire, has taken a left turn into... I'm not sure what exactly, but it involves people getting transported into some kind of twilight zone fifth dimension with floating dinosaurs and Egyptian pyramids and Fender Stratocasters. It comes as a bit of a surprise, but it's not altogether unwelcome. Hoping the next issue explains exactly what all that craziness is about, but until then, I still think this book is...


PS: I thought this a limited series, but the numbering on the cover doesn't include the "of 4" that was included on the first two issues. Could my dream have come true? Did Marvel convert this into an ongoing? Or is it just a printing error?

Silver Surfer #2 (Marvel)
Written by Greg Pak; art by Harvey Tolibao, Stephen Segovia, Mendoza, Florer, Olazaba and Paz.

The first issue of this limited series ended with Silver Surfer getting depowered by the High Evolutionary. In this issue, Norrin Radd is getting used to his new body, which is now very vulnerable. Greg Pak does an amazing job getting us into Norrin's head and showing us not just the sense of loss and panic that comes from losing his power but also the sense of wonder that comes from experiencing all the sensations he'd grown accustomed to living without, like pain, breathing, drinking water, or feeling a woman's touch on his skin. Unfortunately, the art, which was not without its problems in the first issue, has now degenerated into a big ugly mess, which might have something to do with the fact that there are two different pencillers and four different inkers on the book. It's a shame the art doesn't do justice to Pak's script, because this could otherwise be a great story. As it is, it's merely...



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