Monday, March 7, 2011

Tastes Like Comics

I have joined the team of contributors at the brand new comics news and review outlet, Tastes Like Comics.

While I will continue to make efforts to update this blog, Irrelevant Comics, as close to daily as possible, I've decided to move my weekly column, "Is It Wednesday Yet?" to the new site (with a slightly new format), where it will be published every Tuesday and hopefully reach a wider audience. I'm also going to start a new weekly column, "Beyond the Big Two," which will consist of reviews of books not published by Marvel or DC (although I may throw in some Vertigo in there once in a while). This column will appear near the end of the week, probably on Fridays. I may also post other non-regular articles from time to time.

You should bookmark it, or add the RSS feed to your favourite reader.


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