Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Irrelevant Thoughts

I've been receiving some hate mail from someone who turned out to be a somewhat well known troll who goes around message boards and gets angry at people he disagrees with. The funny thing is that he doesn't join the boards or engage in discussion on them. Instead, he copies the comments that angered him and sends them to the poster by e-mail, adding a few petty and juvenile remarks at the bottom.
What triggered this reaction from him in my case were some comments I posted on Gail Simone's message board:

Fans keep asking why [Cassandra Cain] isn't part of the Bat family anymore, and what this brief appearance [in Red Robin] established was that she exists somewhere out there but for now isn't interested in coming back. In other words, an in-story excuse for justifying not putting her in the books. Before that, it just seemed like every editor and writer at DC had forgotten she existed, but now they can point to that scene and say, no, no, she's not here because she doesn't want to be here. But the end result is the same. She's not in the books.
To this, dude responded that I was mixing up the word "fans" with "trolls." When I didn't immediately respond to his e-mail, he sent a second one, again quoting the above comment and adding, this time, that I was mixing up the word "fans" with "whiny fan boys." And then a few hours later, he sent me the same message again.

I won't mention him by name here, but if you're curious, here are a couple of examples of him doing the same thing to other people. I blocked him. End of story, I hope.


I just read Wolverine and Jubilee #2 and Phil Noto's art makes me swoon. It's so beautiful. I just want to look at it forever and lose myself in his panels. I was always a fan of his covers, but this mini-series is the first I've seen of his interior art and I want more.

This isn't quite a review. More like a gushing moment of pure admiration.


I have a lot of books I want to review over the coming weeks in addition to my usual coverage of monthly super-hero floppies. So many, in fact, that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now. And tonight I should be working on that Tim Drake post, but instead I'm just going to sit back read some comics. 'Cause I'm tired, and I spent all day subtitling some Family Guy episodes. (Which is more intellectually exhausting than you can imagine.)


Here's a drawing that I like:

It's Batman wearing legwarmers. Gail Simone said on Twitter than she wanted to see this and Mike Donohue obliged. These are the kinds of drawing I would make all the time if I could draw.


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