Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why does DC hate Superman?

I don't understand. He's the oldest, most popular and iconic super-hero in the world. DC built their empire on the strength of this character. He's powerful and charismatic and awe-inspiring. You'd think that DC would be thrilled to have this character at their disposal and would not shy away from the opportunity to have him star in the books they publish.

And yet, that's not the case.

Currently, Superman is absent from Metropolis. He's not in Action Comics or in Justice League of America. And in the pages of his own flagship book, Superman, he's apparently "not being himself."

Considering his recent absence, I expected this week's Superman: 80-Page Giant 2011 to tell a few stories about the Superman we all miss. Stories in which he's flying and saving people and using his powers and being invulnerable and generally awesome. After all, this book isn't tied to any continuity. And since there haven't been any stories like that published by DC in almost a year, there should be a pretty strong demand for it, no?

Apparently not.

In Superman 80-Page Giant 2011, we have:

  • a story about Jor-El
  • a story about Perry White
  • a story about Jimmy Olsen
  • a story about Bizarro
  • a story about Supergirl
  • a story about Lois Lane
  • and a story about Superboy.
But not a single story about Superman. He only makes a brief appearance in a couple of these stories.

It's not that I have anything against these supporting characters. It's that none of these stories are any good. (I haven't finished reading them, but I've enjoyed quite a few of them so far.) But maybe this book should have been called "Superman Family: 80-Page Giant," because as it is, this is just another depressing example of Superman making no more than a few guest appearances in his own book.

I just don't get it.


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