Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is It Wednesday Yet?

Sweet Tooth #17
New comics this week.

  • Adventure Comics #522 (DC)
  • Steel (one-shot) (DC)
  • Superboy #3 (DC)
  • Sweet Tooth #17 (Vertigo)
  • Avengers: Children's Crusade #4 (of 9) (Marvel)
Lots of people are speculating that Steel is going to bite the dust at the end of his one shot this week, in order to kick off the "Rise of Doomsday" event that continues in Superboy (next month) and Justice League of America (in March). That sounds like a terrible idea to me, and I hope it isn't true. But either way, it looks like DC wins, because they've suckered me into buying this one-shot.

Children's Crusade is getting a lot of flack from continuity nazis, but the fact that I'm totally unfamiliar with Marvel continuity works in my favour and allows me to just enjoy this as its own story. But two months between each issue is a real drag. I don't even remember how the last issue ended. And there are still five more to go? Ugh.

  • Weird Worlds #1 (of 6) (DC)
  • Marineman #2 (Image) 
Weird Worlds is an anthology limited series featuring three stories. I'm really only interested in one of those three (Aaron Lopresti's "Garbageman") and I don't understand DC's decision to have Lobo in this book.

Marineman #1 was kind of weird, because nothing really happened in it and at the end I still had no idea exactly what this book is going to be about. It wasn't a very good sell, but I hate to dismiss books after a single issues, especially new creator-owned series like this, so I'm tempted to give it another chance.

I'm not picking these up, but you might be interested
  • Batman Beyond #1 (DC)
  • Who Is Jake Ellis? #1 (Image)
  • Anita Blake: Circus of Damned: Ingenue #1 (of 5) (Marvel)
  • Captain America: Hail Hydra #1 (of 5) (Marvel)
  • Transformers: Prime #1 (IDW)
  • Earp: Saints for Sinners #1 (of 5) (Radical)
Batman Beyond is a new ongoing that picks up where the limited series left off.  

Who Is Jake Ellis? is a new spy thriller from Image. There's a 12-page preview here.

I've never read a Transformers comic, but if I was interested, this #1 issue might be a good place to start.

Earp: Saints of Sinners is an updated futuristic take on Wyatt Earp. The main reason it's getting any attention is that Dreamworks has already bought the movie rights and Sam Raimi is apparently going to direct the film adaptation.


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