Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Too Much Awesome: DC/Vertigo in March

Justice League: Generation Lost
War of the Green Lanterns

All three Lantern titles are tied into this crossover event in March. I'm not following any of them and I hate stories about heroes turning on each other, so I'm thoroughly uninterested in this.

Brightest Day

Apparently there is an end in sight. I haven't been paying much attention to the main title, other than browsing through it occasionally at the store to see if anything important happened and reading the occasional review online.

The cover and solicitation text of Justice League: Generation Lost #21 suggests that another Blue Beetle might die, although I'm going to chalk that one under "false advertising" until we get evidence to the contrary.

Reign of Doomsday

The solicitation text for Justice League of America #55 makes absolutely no sense to me. The first two-thirds of it describes the continuation of the "Rise of Eclipso" storyline, and it sounds like a full issue's worth of material. And then, tacked on at the end, is a bit about Doomsday, continuing the event that's starting this week in the Steel one-shot. But there doesn't seem to be any connection between the two story lines at all. It really makes "Reign of Doomsday" sound like an editorially mandated, thrown-together event with no cohesion at all.


I don't know anything about these Milestone properties that DC has been tentatively incorporated into the DCU, but with Frazer Irving doing the art, I'm definitely paying attention to this new series. "Contemporary urban horror - with a super-hero twist!" sounds like it could go either way.


I'm getting Batwoman, Batman Inc, Detective Comics, Birds of Prey, Red Robin, and the last issue of Knight and Squire. And that still leaves 12 additional titles under the "Batman" header of DC's March solicits that I'm not paying any attention to. That seems completely insane to me! Not surprisingly, three of those titles are marked as final issues: Streets of Gotham, Azrael and Batman Confidential. I would have expected Gotham City Sirens to get hacked as well, but apparently it's going to survive a bit longer. Does anybody really buy Outsiders, or is it only allowed to go on because Dan DiDio is writing it?

Action Comics

Oh, man. Action Comics is gearing up for April's landmark #900 issue, "featuring the return of you-know-who"! The shit's about to hit the fan in a big way and Brainiac is involved. (I knew it!)

Other than that, I'm picking up Superboy and the Jimmy Olsen one-shot, which, by the way, at 6 bucks is a bit of a rip-off, considering I already paid for half of the material in it as a back-up of Action. I love how DC's launching this big campaign about how they're "holding the line" at $2.99, but a direct consequence of that initiative is that the Jimmy Olsen back-up was cut and now those of us who bought the first few issues are gonna have to pay for it again if we want the end of the story. Saving me money with one hand, while dipping deeper into my wallet with the other. Crooks!

Legion of Super-Heroes

In addition to the two main titles (LOSH and Adventure Comics), this month I'm also picking up the Legion of Super-Villains one-shot. All of which is written by Paul Levitz. The epic epicness of this epic franchise is overwhelming.

Other stuff

Unless J.T. Krul finds another way to piss me off before we get there, I'll be picking up Teen Titans #93. (TT is approaching #100 - wonder what they've got planned for that.) Also, Weird Worlds #3, maybe, depending on what the first issue is like this week.

Collected editions

The Flash Omnibus vol. 1, announced for May, is very tempting, but, ouch, $75!


American Vampire is starting a new storyline with #13, and since I'm down to only two regular Vertigo titles I'm following, it's pretty tempting to jump on board at this point.

Ditto for Hellblazer #277.

Sweet Tooth #19 is going to be amazing, with short stories by Matt Kindt, Nate Powell and Emi Lenox. I'm really surprised that Lemire is letting other people play with his creation, since he seems to have such an auteurist vision for the series, but this just goes to show his willingness to experiment and go places nobody expected.

Northlanders should be good, as it always is.


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