Monday, January 24, 2011

Is It Wednesday Yet?

Infestation #1.
New comics this week!

On my pull list:
  • Action Comics #897 (DC)
  • Detective Comics #873 (DC)
  • Teen Titans #91 (DC)
  • Infestation #1 (IDW)
  • Astonishing Thor #2 (Marvel)
  • Secret Avengers (Marvel)
  • Stan Lee's Traveler #3 (Boom)
As the big Action Comics #900 special draws closer, I'm pretty excited to see how Paul Cornell is going to wrap things up in his Lex Luthor story. Overall, I've been enjoying his run, although not every issue has been good and I do have a few problems with it. The Mindless Ones had a pretty brutal assessment of it in their latest podcast, and I plan to address some of their criticism and compare them to my own in an upcoming post.

Infestation is the big crossover event about zombies running through Transformers, Star Trek, Ghostbusters and GI Joe! It sounds like an absolutely terrible idea, considering how little these three franchises have in common, and since I don't follow any of these series, I was going to skip the whole thing. But the craziness of the idea and the somewhat high trainwreck potential of it mean that it's probably worth at least checking out the first issue. This advanced review by Greame McMillan at Robot 6 was what convinced me.

Also noteworthy:
  • Shazam (one-shot) (DC)
  • New York Five #1 (Vertigo)
  • Off Road (graphic novel) (IDW)
  • Magneto #1 (Marvel)
  • Age of X: Alpha #1 (Marvel)
  • Fantastic Four #587 (Marvel)
I'm not buying that Shazam one-shot because I hate Cliff Richards' art, although I'd love to read a good story about Captain Marvel.

Kelly Thompson has an interview with Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly about New York Five in this week's She Has No Head column.

Off Road is a reprint of a story written and drawn by Sean Murphy (best known these days for his work with Grant Morrison on Joe the Barbarian, although he also recently did the art in the Hellblazer: City of Demons mini-series, which I thought was excellent). I can't afford to buy this book right now, but it sounds like a good one. Originally came came out in 2005 on Oni Press.

Oh, and apparently someone dies in this week's issue of Fantastic Four. You may have noticed some of the minor brouhaha about it.

Missed it last week!

If I can find a copy, I might also pick up issues #1 of Wolverine and Jubilee, which came out last week. I hadn't realized Phil Noto was doing the art, and after seeing that it was DC Women Kicking Ass's pick of the week, I really want to read it.


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